Le concept.

Exceptional shoes cheaper

Vadrouille sells the shoes you've been looking for.

Our main objective is to offer you a choice and above all to make top-of-the-range shoes accessible to you.

You want a pair of excellent shoes, but buying a new pair is not possible for you? Vadrouille gives you the opportunity to get them for an average of 70% less than in a shop.

If you'd like to buy several pairs, to combine them better, make them last longer or simply out of desire, then this is the place to do it.

The best brands

Thanks to our network and the collection area on the jevadrouille.com website, we regularly clear many top-of-the-range shoes.

Our catalogue changes very often and offers the following brands for sale.

Paraboot, JM Weston, Church's, John Lobb, Crockett and Jones, Alden, Edward Green, Heschung, Galibier, and a few rarer brands.

A deliberate and drastic selection to bring you only the very best.

A meticulous control

Each pair we put online is checked several times.

An initial authenticity check is carried out by our experts on receipt.

The pair will then pass through several hands at different stages, and the eye of our experts (salespeople, bootmakers, etc.) will leave no chance for counterfeiting, you can be sure of that.

Shoemakers at the utmost care

To look after our shoes, we've chosen the best.

Our main partner is Anatole from Uppershoes, a traditional shoemaker and bootmaker. A Compagnon du devoir and former trainer, your shoes are in expert hands. He is accompanied by Robert, a Tour de France companion, and Paul, a colourist specialising in leather and footwear.

The founders, Adrien and Thomas, back up this expertise with their love of shoes and shoemaking.

Endless support

As part of our ongoing commitment to the product, we're offering free care products with every pair of shoes you buy.

You will then be able to be "top up" every 6 months, and the restock products will also be free.

The aim is to make your shoes last !